Coach Hurdlers That Run Fast & Win Races!

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1-Hour of Video Instruction 
& 34-Page Day-to-Day Training Guide
Learn The 4-Phase Progression for Developing Hurdlers
In this 1-hour section (17-videos) you will learn how to develop "never hurdled before" hurdlers, into 3-steppers and help them WIN their first races as hurdlers.

This course was created with the mom/dad coach in mind, and is simplified so that even a parent/coach with ZERO coaching/track experience can help their young athlete win in the hurdles races!
Videos 14-31
Keep it simple..
Keep The Hurdles Close..
From 4-stepping to National Champ!
Volume 1: Hurdle Rhythm!
A Day-to-Day Progression for Developing Hurdlers
A 34-page, day-to-day and week-to-week progression for developing beginner hurdlers.

 Follow the 4-phase progression to teach hurdlers how to clear hurdles, improve technique, and develop SPEED over hurdles this season!
1. Cycle Drills
2. Jammed Hurdling
3. Over Speed Hurdling
4. Hurdle Endurance

About Hector Cotto

Hector Cotto is a former 110m Olympian, representing his native land of Puerto Rico in both the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games as well as the London 2012 Olympic Games.
He is the creator of The Complete Course on Hurdling. His work and teachings have helped over 21,000 coaches/parents/athletes since he took online in 2014.
As of 2019 Hector Cotto still holds the Puerto Rico national record (13.49s), the East Carolina University record (13.66s), and the Green Hope High School record in the 110m hurdles (14.40, 39-inches).
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