Coach Winning 55/60/80/100/110m Hurdlers With 
4+ Hours of Video Instruction 
3 eBooks on Hurdling
10 Complete Sprint Workouts
A Complete Section Specific for Youth & Beginner Hurdlers!
In this 1-hour section (17-videos) you will learn how to develop "never hurdled before" hurdlers, into 3-steppers and help them WIN their first races as hurdlers.

This course was created with the mom/dad coach in mind, and is simplified so that even a parent/coach with ZERO coaching/track experience can help their young athlete win in the hurdles races!
Videos 14-31
Keep it simple..
Keep The Hurdles Close..
From 4-stepping to National Champ!
Learn How to Perfect Hurdle Technique...
Videos 32-50
The Lead-Leg
The Trail-Leg
Learn The Drills To Improve Technique
Blocks Training..
Learn how to PUSH from the blocks and get to MAX frequency before hurdle 1, for the best opportunity at gaining and maintaining the lead down the track.
3 Videos
Videos 51-53
The Push Up Start
End Goal = Max Frequency
Latching on to Power
Warm Up Drills..
Videos 1-6
Straight Legs
Side to Side
And All 10 Sprint Workouts of The Speed Training Newsletter!
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With over 70-pages of Pure-Hurdling, this is by far the greatest text on training for the sprint-hurdles event on the planet! 
An Introduction to Training for the 110m High Hurdles - covers the 4 key areas to improvement (sprinting-technique-rhythm-strength), with lots of drills and exercises and workouts for real-life-improvements.

A Guide to the 1st Hurdle - covers the 4-phases of the start
-Block Clearance
-The Push Phase
-Turning-Over (Max Frequency)
-The Cut-Step
and gives lots of drills, exercises, and workouts to see real-life-improvements in the start.

Volume 1: Hurdle Rhythm - covers the complete progression that is The Sprint Hurdles System - Youth, and teaches you how to develop beginners into 3-steppers who will soon be WINNING races in the hurdles event.
-Cycle Drills
-Jammed Hurdling
-Over Speed Hurdling
-Hurdle Endurance
is the complete progression and was used by the 2018 - 80m hurdles National Champion who went from 4-stepping to #1 in the country by following the simple strategy outlined in the 34 pages.
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