The Complete Course on Hurdling
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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
A Blueprint for Hurdle Coaches
The Complete Course on Hurdling breaks the event down to basic building blocks (a blueprint) and draws a clear path to success.

Get a proven process for producing 3-steppers who will run faster, clear hurdles without hitting them and most importantly WIN races!
" I have been coaching high school track and field for 42 years. I have given quite a few clinics on hurdling, also. The one area of hurdling that I have had the most trouble coaching throughout my career is teaching “the average hurdler” how to 3-step. After moving the hurdles in then out for my athletes, I often felt that I got to a certain point when only my best athletes succeeded at 3-stepping. I feel that most clinicians and coaches who speak and write about hurdling stay away from 3-stepping.
Well, Coach Cotto has created the most comprehensive program on teaching hurdlers to succeed at 3-stepping and becoming the best possible hurdlers possible. By comprehensive, I mean that I have learned that there is more than just moving hurdles in and out and hope your hurdlers learn how to 3-step; Coach Cotto’s drills and techniques work.
I literally used “everything” that Coach Cotto has put together this past outdoor season, and my athletes had more fun hurdling than ever before.
Any coach (novice or veteran) who has to teach hurdles should go to “” and use Coach Cotto’s materials. I can’t wait to use his “Advanced Training” techniques next season. Everything I have purchased has been well worth the price (which, in reality, is not very expensive!)
Coach Cotto is a master teacher and writer, and his hurdling program has breathed “new life” into the way I coach my hurdlers.
Thank you Coach Cotto! - Ed Garrison

4+ Hours of Video Instruction

20+ Hurdle Workouts

A Blueprint for developing beginners

3 e-Books on Hurdling

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Current & Past Team Steve Athletes

The Complete Course on Hurdling
$997 - $97
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Videos 14-31 Cover The Complete Progression for Beginners
"Hello Hurdle Family!! Just a small testimony. My son, Cauri aka Diggy, started hurdling last year around June at 11 yrs old. He was 4 stepping then and jumping the hurdles, finishing #32 in USATF Jr. Olympics with a 14.0. That's with minimal training because at that time I didnt know much and didn't have much time. So this year I said that I would take it upon myself to learn as much as I can and teach him myself. So I ran across Coach Hector Cotto online. I listened to him and watched his videos and was sold. I purchased (investment) his Beginner Hurdles Courses and followed them to a T! I began training my son and would send videos to Coach Cotto who would critique my son and send back what he needs to correct as well as what he is doing well. He was always available and that made so much of a difference. Coach Cotto's training philosophy has transformed my son into one of the top hurdlers in the Nation!! Began 3 stepping within the first week and now his PB is 12.11 w a National Championship GOLD in the 80m hurdles. The lessons were easy to follow and produced quick results. I recommend anyone, who has a child or kids that you coach in hurdles, to check out Coach Cotto's Hurdle courses. This was one of the best investments I have made!!" - Carlos Hughes
In this 1-hour section (17-videos) you will learn how to develop "never hurdled before" hurdlers, into 3-steppers and help them WIN their first races as hurdlers.

This course was created with the mom/dad coach in mind, and is simplified so that even a parent/coach with ZERO coaching/track experience can help their young athlete win in the hurdles races!

In the video: Caury 'Diggy' Hughes goes from 14seconds and 25th at nationals, to 12.11 & GOLD at the 2018 USATF Junior Olympics in Greensboro, NC (boys 80mh), after following the 4-phase progression in the Sprint Hurdles System - Youth
Learn How to Perfect Hurdle Technique...
Videos 32-50
This is the complete progression for developing world-class hurdle technique. 

Walk Overs
1-Step Drill
Position is key!
Blocks Training..
Videos 51-53
Learn how to PUSH from the blocks and get to MAX frequency before hurdle 1, for the best opportunity at gaining and maintaining the lead down the track.
3 Videos
Bundle Includes 
The Speed Training Newsletter!
& The Sprint Hurdles eBook Bundle 
An Introduction to Training for the 110m High Hurdles
33pg. - PDF
Looking for a simple, effective, and modern approach to coaching the hurdles? 

Kicking the lead-leg out is dead, more hurdlers are running under 13 seconds and if you don’t begin doing things right at an early age, you wont have a chance at winning in this new millennium.

Learn Technique, Rhythm, Speed & Strength in this 33pg introduction to the hurdles.
A Guide to the 1st Hurdle
24pg. - PDF
The 1st hurdle is THE most important hurdle in the race. It is the only hurdle you run towards with more than 3 steps, and for that reason it is of utmost importance to create as much as speed as possible to it. Doing so requires proper use of the blocks, pushing properly to build momentum, and most importantly turning over as fast as possible before the 1st hurdle. 

The Cut-Step is key to accelerating at max-speed over the hurdles, and in A Guide to the 1st hurdle I cover the start from the blocks to the cut-step with drills, workouts, and exercises to prove every aspect of the start.
Volume 1: Hurdle Rhythm
34pg. - PDF
covers the complete progression that is The Sprint Hurdles System - Youth, and teaches you how to develop beginners into 3-steppers who will soon be WINNING races in the hurdles event.
-Cycle Drills
-Jammed Hurdling
-Over Speed Hurdling
-Hurdle Endurance
is the complete progression and was used by the 2018 - 80m hurdles National Champion who went from 4-stepping to #1 in the country by following the simple strategy outlined in the 34 pages.
$997 - $97

About Hector Cotto

Hector Cotto is a former 110m Olympian, representing his native land of Puerto Rico in both the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games as well as the London 2012 Olympic Games.
He is the creator of The Complete Course on Hurdling. His work and teachings have helped over 27,000 coaches/parents/athletes since he took online in 2014.
As of 2020 Hector Cotto still holds the Puerto Rico national record (13.49s), the East Carolina University record (13.66s), and the Green Hope High School record (14.40, 39-inches) in the 110m high-hurdles.

*In photo: Hector Cotto with former world record holder and Olympic champion, Liu Xiang (IAAF World Championships - 2011 - Daegu, South Korea)
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