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I have been coaching high school track and field for 42 years. I have given quite a few clinics on hurdling, also. The one area of hurdling that I have had the most trouble coaching throughout my career is teaching “the average hurdler” how to 3-step. After moving the hurdles in then out for my athletes, I often felt that I got to a certain point when only my best athletes succeeded at 3-stepping. I feel that most clinicians and coaches who speak and write about hurdling stay away from 3-stepping.
Well, Coach Cotto has created the most comprehensive program on teaching hurdlers to succeed at 3-stepping and becoming the best possible hurdlers possible. By comprehensive, I mean that I have learned that there is more than just moving hurdles in and out and hope your hurdlers learn how to 3-step; Coach Cotto’s drills and techniques work.
I literally used “everything” that Coach Cotto has put together this past outdoor season, and my athletes had more fun hurdling than ever before.
Any coach (novice or veteran) who has to teach hurdles should go to “Sprinthurdles.com” and use Coach Cotto’s materials. I can’t wait to use his “Advanced Training” techniques next season. Everything I have purchased has been well worth the price (which, in reality, is not very expensive!)
Coach Cotto is a master teacher and writer, and his hurdling program has breathed “new life” into the way I coach my hurdlers.
Thank you Coach Cotto!
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