Team Steve Speed & Hurdle Camp #8
With who: Steve McGill, Hector Cotto, Keare Smith, Kevin Howell, Arthur Njemanze, Marla Lindsay
For Whom: Hurdlers ages ALL Ages (youth/hs/college/masters) - MAX of 30 entries
Cost: Athletes & Coaches 
Registration - $350, closes March 15, 2020
What to Bring:
–Training shoes
–Spiked racing shoes (spikes should be no longer than a quarter inch)
–Clothes to train in, warmup clothes to warm up in
–Healthy snacks, water bottle, energy bars, Gatorade (Lunch will be provided both days)

What We Do:
The Team Steve Speed & Hurdle Camp is all about teaching. We teach hurdlers efficient sprinting, hurdling, and block start mechanics. Our ability to teach and explain and to provide individualized attention as needed is what sets us apart. We have done seven already – one in November of 2017, one in March-April 2018, one in June of 2018, one in November 2018, one in March 2019, one in October 2019, one in November 2019 and this next in March of 2020. Campers have come not only from our home base of North Carolina, but we have had athletes come from Oregon, Ohio, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Florida, Texas, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee, Illinois, and as far as Curacao. Our aim at the camp is to fill our campers' heads with knowledge that they can bring back home with them and apply to their training and racing.
The next Team Steve Speed & Hurdle Camp—our 8th one since November 2017—will be taking place on the 8-lane indoor JDL Fast Track in Winston Salem, North Carolina. The camp will take place on Saturday March 21 and Sunday March 22, 2020, from 9 am to 4 pm each day.
In Loving Memory of Cameron Akers
Michael Garrett (Matt Garret's dad):

Coach McGill has been a great coach for my son Matt Garrett. Coach McGill has improved my son’s hurdle technique and the results are definitely the proof. The first year working with my son Matt finished second in the USATF JO National meet in the 100mh finishing behind another Coach McGill athlete. He has helped him win the AAU Indoor National meet in the 60mh hurdles as well. Coach McGill has a calm demeanor and coaches the athletes where they are with their ability and improves them gradually.
Michael & Michelle Hayes (Parents of Michaela, from South Carolina):

As a 30 year educator, I can say with much confidence that Coach Steve McGill, is a “breath of fresh air” as a hurdles teacher/coach!
“Coach Steve” is an excellent teacher/coach of the hurdles for my daughter Michaela. He teaches with such knowledge and experience of the hurdles. His passion and his encouragement that he shares with my daughter has motivated her to use her God-given gift of hurdling to work hopefully, towards a college scholarship!
My wife and I respect Coach McGill very much as a teacher/coach! He is what I think of when someone describes a “great coach!” He is an amazing teacher of the sport and worth the effort to travel to receive his coaching!
W. Michael and Michelle Hayes, SC
Steve McGill
Steve McGill has been coaching hurdlers for his entire adult life, since 1994. Located in Raleigh, NC for most of those years, McGill has coached some of the best hurdlers to ever come out of the state, including current 100m hurdles world record holder Keni Harrison. He also coached Johnny Dutch and Wayne Davis II, both of whom went on to win NCAA championships – Dutch in the 400 hurdles and Davis in the 110 hurdles – and both of whom have gone on to compete very successfully at the international level. McGill also coached Booker Nunley, who, like Dutch and Davis, was the top-ranked male 110 hurdler in his senior year of high school. Throughout his career, McGill has coached at the youth level, the high school level, and privately for athletes of all ages, including post-collegians and masters hurdlers. One of the professional athletes he has coached – Hector Cotto – will be joining him in conducting the Team Steve Speed & Hurdle Camp. More recently, McGill has coached two national champions in the 13-14 age group in consecutive years. This past July, at the 2019 Junior Olympic nationals, Falon Spearman finished second in the 15-16 girls 100m hurdles in 13.91, and Alex Nunley won the boys 15-16 age group in the 110m hurdles..

Hector Cotto
Hector Cotto has been competing professionally in the 110 meter hurdles for the past decade. In that time, the East Carolina University school record holder (13.66) has raced in two Olympic Games (2008 and 2012) and three World Championships (2007, 2009, and 2011) for his native country of Puerto Rico. While training with Coach McGill in 2009, he dropped his personal best down to 13.54, before getting it down to 13.49 a year later. As a youth coach, private coach, and high school coach in the Raleigh, NC area, he is passing on his knowledge and passion for the hurdles onto the next generation of hurdlers. In addition, he is the webmaster of – a reservoir of knowledge for hurdlers and hurdle coaches for ways to improve in all aspects of hurdling, from the block start to technique to weight training to dieting to supplement usage. It’s all there at Cotto’s enthusiasm for track and field, and for the hurdles in particular, is quite infectious, and he is also a very patient instructor who knows how to mold his lessons to the needs of each individual athlete. On his website you can find several ebooks that he has written on hurdling, and you can also find “The Complete Course on Hurdling,” which many coaches and parents have used to guide their athletes through an entire season of training of competing. One such athlete, Cauri “Diggy” Hughes,” earned a national championship in the 11-12 boys 80m hurdles this past July at USATF Junior Olympic Nationals. According to Hughes’ dad Carlos, “Coach Cotto’s training philosophy has transformed my son into one of the top hurdlers in the nation!” And Hughes made this statement before nationals.
Kevin Howell
Kevin Howell, a long-time high school and youth sprint coach in the Raleigh, NC area, has produced many sprint champions over the years. His daughter, Jackie Howell, just finished her senior at the University of Kentucky and is now preparing to begin her professional career. Coach McGill also helped to coach Jackie in her last three years of high school. When Coach McGill lived in Raleigh, he and Coach Howell often worked together to help athletes excel; Howell would refine their block start and their drive-phase mechanics, and McGill would incorporate those improvements into the sprint-hurdling race model.
Keare Smith

Recent All-Americans

Falon Spearman
2018 National Champion
Girls - 100mh - 13-14yo
Falon Spearman
2019 Silver Medalist
Girls - 100mh - 15-16yo

Lonnie Brockman (Josh Brockman’s Dad):
"Coach Steve McGill is one of the best hurdle coaches in the country. He consistently preaches the importance of being a technically sound hurdler from start to finish. In two year's of attending his camps my son went from having bad form to being ranked as one of the top hurdlers in the nation."
About JDL Fast Track:
Located in Winston Salem, North Carolina

The camp will be held in the  JDL Fast Track in Winston Salem, North Caroina.
What to Expect:
This camp will be similar to last November's camp. Day One will be heavy with sprint drills and hurdle drills, while Day Two will focus on the block start, attacking each hurdle aggressively, and staying fast between the hurdles. For this camp, since we will be preparing for the outdoor season, the emphasis will be almost exclusively on the sprint hurdle events, although long hurdlers can also benefit greatly from the technical work and we will go over curve-drills and alternating drills for the long-hurdlers. Even though our emphasis is on teaching, our goal is to get results. We want our campers to be much better hurdlers when they leave here than they were when they came, and we want them to be able to apply all that they’ve learned while here to running faster times. That’s what has been happening, and we are confident that it will continue to happen. One athlete who attended our camp last spring, Jazmine Tilmon of Virginia, dropped her personal best from 14.2 prior to camp all the way down to 13.36 at New Balance Outdoor Nationals. According to her mother, the instruction she received at the Team Steve Speed & Hurdle Camp contributed greatly to her improvement: “Your staff taught her the three things that were missing from her race, which were fixing her blocks correctly, learning to run over the hurdles, and learning how to level her back in her starts.” That’s what we do at the Team Steve Speed & Hurdle Camp – we get results.

Below is a tentative schedule for each day:

Recent All-Americans

Alex Nunley
2018 National Bronze
Boys 110mh - 14-15yo
Alex Nunley
2019 National Champion
Boys 110mh - 15-16yo
Saturday March 21:

8-8:45: arrive, check-in
9: introduction, welcome
9:30 dynamic warm-up
10: sprint drills and hurdle drills
10:30: morning session
12: lunch
1: dynamic warmup
1:30: sprint drills and hurdle drills
2: afternoon session
3:30: cool-down, static stretching
4: Adjourn
Sunday March 22:

9: dynamic warm-up
9:30: sprint drills and hurdle drills
10: morning session
12: lunch
1: dynamic warmup
1:30: sprint drills and hurdle drills
2: afternoon session
3:30: cool-down, static stretching
4: Adjourn
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